Brands Hatch, Rd’s 28, 29 & 30

Brands Hatch, Rd's 28, 29 & 30

Ayrton: “First time ever at Brands Hatch driving the GP version circuit. The car was handling fantastically (thanks to TRS Arden for the great work), with all sort of weather conditions, to make things interesting! We had the best qualifying so far and took home the 3 rookie wins, securing rookie runner up (despite having missed 6 races of the championship), and a P2 on the main podium in the last race of the season, sandwiched between the championship winner and the vice champion. It felt really amazing racing up the front, I enjoyed it so much and I was quite comfortable. Great 2016’s finale! If I can get the budget together I would love to come back next season and give it my best shot at winning the championship. Thanks to the organisation, my team, sponsors, family and fans for a awesome season where I have learnt so much.”


Photos: Brands Hatch
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